Smart City Stories

Smart City Stories is a podcast looking at cities using technology and data to move towards the future, and become smart. Smart cities are becoming more and more common globally – and Alberta is no exception. Cities in the Alberta capital region have been working to transform themselves into smart cities for a number of years. The aim of this podcast is to reconstruct the stories behind these efforts through a series of interviews with key figures driving the strategies, policies and initiatives needed to make these cities smart.

Interview with reg joseph

Interview with Reg Joseph – CEO Health City

Health City leverages Edmonton’s tremendous assets in health, health research, data, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship to position the city as a premier location for health innovation.

Health City’s role is to form innovation consortiums, bringing together highly talented people and organizations to enable innovation and products to get to market. Health City serves as a central connection point for our region’s health innovation sector, working with and seeking inspired partners who share a vision for excellence, have a culture of collaboration and who are driven to take health innovation to the next level. Through these partnerships, Health City is empowering innovators to create locally relevant and globally scalable health solutions that have economic outcomes plus health and social impacts.

Find out more: healthcities.ca


Interview with Bruno Peters

Interview with Bruno Peters – IBI Group Deputy Regional Director, Canada West


Interview with Travis Peter

Interview with Travis Peter – Former St. Albert Smart City and Innovation Manager and Director of the Alberta Smart City Alliance

Policies and Initiatives